Dead Men Don't Bleed

An age-old struggle between light and dark, good and evil—with the power to change mankind…

Seven years ago, Meryl lost her daughter in a tragic car accident. That same night, her father vanished, leaving her with only his memory and a dusty, second-hand book shop.

Now Meryl is on a mission to connect the dots between the book purchase of a ghoulish stranger, her father’s disappearance, and the night that changed the course of her life forever. A chance encounter leads her down a shocking path of discovery. Was her father really who she thought he was? Is she somehow part of an elaborate, heinous plan to sabotage the Church?

With the help of an eccentric professor, a love-stricken priest, and a curious old man, Meryl uncovers a wonderful, yet terrible secret that could disrupt the fragile foundation of Christianity…

© 2020 Stafford Robinson

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