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Though from a scientific background, we believe in balance with everything…. Yin - yang, light - dark, life – death, Science – faith. “Faith” here represents the ability to believe and make changes without specific scientific proof…. Though with the science of Quantum Physics, science itself is proving the ability to make change without “provable scientific process.”  At the core of Quantum physics theory is that simply the power of observation can affect a change; an observation in itself that 30 years ago scientists would have believed impossible.

At NIET (Non Invasive Equine Therapy) we believe in the balancing of western and eastern treatments.

At the core of our philosophy is the Chinese tradition medicine involving the theories of meridian lines, and acupressure points. In utilizing the Shockwave therapy, we often focus on the meridian lines and acupressure points to obtain maximum results. 

Science and Faith: Welcome
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